Thursday, 10 December 2015

Summer Essential

Hey angels, Summer is finally here and today's post is a compilation of the top 10 items that will have you looking great this season without dreading the heat.

1) First on the list we have the oh-so-whimsical Sarong | Kaftan | Caftan | Cover up or  Kimono .... doesn't matter what you would like to call it, this light and playful clothing serves a great cover up outfit for your exotic beach vacations, pool parties or even just hanging around the house.

2) Second on the list are the ever so trendy sunglasses, other than the fact that they will have you feeling like the coolest kid on the block these chic shades will have your eyes protected from harsh sun rays.


3) Third on the list is the oh so lovely summer straw hat....

4) Number four on the list are plain old flip flops or sandals , for those unbearable hot days where pumps are not an option at all.

5) Number 5 on the list is floral coloured nail polish to blend in with the weather for manicures and pedicures (for your flip flop and sandal days). I personally Love Love Love pastel colours :-)

6) Coming at number 6 is the oh so handy beach bag, which is great for carrying all the things you'll be needing this season. Great for vacations, pool party's the list goes on...

7) Chic wedge summer sandals for luncheon with the girls or even a night out on the town

8) Coming in it at number 8 is the number one summer essential, be it a bikini, monokini or full body suit this is definitely a must have for the summer.

9) Rosy lip colour for rosy lips coming in at number 9

10) And last but not least at number 10 is SUNSCREEN and floral scented Fragrance :-) which brings us to the end of this seasons top 10 (11) essentials, have a blessed day angels .
(For more information on above items and details on were to purchase them, click on items)

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