Monday, 18 August 2014

Spontaneously Assembled

 All white was the truly the objective this week, but then all these other elements just somehow got added on and this is how this weeks look came to formation.
Started out with these white high-waist pants and a simple white top underneath, Put together they look like they are one thing but they are not. Added on a navy blazer so I don’t walk around looking like a snow flake, (lol) I’m playing but its purpose was to add a bit of colour. I selected a pair of lightly shaded blue wedge heels to go with the look. I used the leopard printed scarf for its original purpose this week, which went well with the gold buttons on the blazer. 

Went really light on the make-up, and went for a bold lip colour (violetta). Round framed shades and slightly large studs to bring everything together.

And that completes this weeks’ look, have a lovely day.

♡♡♡ - K H E N S I

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