Monday, 25 August 2014

Mickey Flow

 Another lovely Monday, I pray you’re all well. I had a hard time coming up with a title this time, even considered “Mickey no Mouse” and that’s only cause of how my hair turned out. Winter is officially fading, and spring brings about quiet whispers in the air – so excited. The weather wouldn’t let me have my way entirely though, had to put on stocking to avoid the chills.

This weeks look expresses my anticipation for spring oh-so-boldly. I picked out a pair of tinted denim shorts, which were worn above a pair of opaque stockings. Selected a plain white tee to go with the shorts, almost gives the illusion of a body suit. To cover up, I decided to put on the cream jersey I had on not so long ago. I love how the white works well with this look, it gives it this crisp-clean-cut finish but still captures the playfulness of the look.  

Black-on-black effect kept with the black wedged heels, they also kept the simplicity element of the outfit. I went with gold hoop earrings, a gold bracelet and black shades to bring everything together. I didn’t plan for my hair to come out like that, I didn’t have a ribbon to tie it up with so I had to improvise. I didn’t have much time to go all out with make-up so I just put on red lip stick and was ready to go.

And that completes this weeks look, have a candy filled day angels.



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  1. I haven't been here in a while.... But nonetheless I found the eyebrow tutorial very useful and I'm hoping to get more make-up tips :)!!!