Monday, 28 July 2014

Over-sized Navy

This week I decided to go for a more edgy look, all with the help from this over-sized navy blazer which I also found in my moms’ past clothing items. The fact that it is over-sized makes it versatile and easy to pair up with any outfit. In this case I threw it over a gold mini-dress, which I believe compliments the gold button details on the blazer. Black opaque stockings, thick black wedged heels and a jet black clutch to bring it all together. Eventually you’ll come to the realisation that I like keeping my hair all in a bun, it is simple and it works*smiles*. I went easy on the make-up and had my stiletto nails painted over with a pastel pink shade. Details on what’s beneath the blazer will be published on Thursday. 

♡♡ - K H E N S I